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Since 2001, we have raised our family of six, without conventional medicine and the plethora of antibiotics that accompanies babies, children and teens. Remarkably, our four children are able to identify the needs of their body and rely upon our "good medicine" cabinet, that has healed them repeatedly through a decade of usage. With four children, three of which are boys, the miracles are abundant and always leave us in awe. In great thanksgiving, Dr. Sandy simply does not treat her patients, but she educates her patients. Through her education, she has empowered this family. The products that she has administered to us have withstood the test of time. Though strains of bacteria and viruses have increased in strength, we have always been healed within days, due to the efficacy of the products. Of course, how we arrived at her office is truly a miracle in and of itself. Our love for Dr. Sandy was immediate. We continually thank God for his sovereign love that delivered us to her. His ultimate creations are healed through the use of His earth. Amen.

Ron, Tara, Madalena, (18) Maverick, (16) Mylan(7) and Mason (5)Rowan

Dr. Kuglics’ practice is characterized by her extensive knowledge base, appreciation of the importance of client education, application of intuitive skills, and compassion. She is my go-to person whenever I or a family member have a health concern. Dr. Kuglics is always forthright about expectations and supportive of an integrative approach to healing.

Tons of Blessings!


I had read the testimonials from Dr. Sandra’s website and decided to “give her a try,” even though I was skeptical.  Over the last year, I had been to several doctors with little improvement, and thought I had nothing to lose by making the appointment with Dr. Sandra.  Dr. Sandra checked my body signals and many were weak, (including my immune system and thyroid).   I followed her suggested regimen, and am happy to say at my last appointment, 98% of all my body signals are testing strong!   I am feeling so much better, and I want to thank Dr. Sandra!    My energy is back, I am losing weight, and starting to feel like my old self again!  I wanted to write my own testimonial to “pay it forward,” in hopes that someone would read this and “give Dr. Sandra a try!”  You have nothing to lose and so much health to gain!  She is very knowledgeable, as well as a caring and compassionate health professional! 

Luann – Baden, PA

Dr. Sandi, I wanted to share something with you. Since Trevor showers himself I haven't checked his skin in a while until last night when he needed me in the bathroom after his shower. I was amazed when I saw his skin was 100% clear, he did not have one patch of "eczema" or scaling that he has been so miserable with for years. His skin hasn't been this clear since he was probably a year old! When I pointed it out to him, he realized that he can't remember the last time he was itchy at night. I'm guessing those pesky parasites finally met their match! Thank you so much for helping him.
Angela Short

I went to HALT for laser therapy for weight loss since I have become so frustrated that I could not lose a single pound these days. Included with the therapy was this Isagenix 9 day cleanse. Almost immediately I could tell that I was felling different. The brain fog has been lifted, I feel so clean and focused or shall I say "I feel fantastic". The inches are coming off faster than the pounds and I did lose 6 lbs in 9 days. My clothes are fitting so much better. In addition I would like to say that coffee doesn't appeal to me any longer and that green tea is more satisfying to me now and more to my liking.

I recommend laster therapy and the Isagenix cleanse to each and everyone of you, even if you are not overweight, do it just to cleanse those toxins out...try it.

During the last 10 years of my life, going through menopause and having numerous weight issues, I become so tired and so run down trying to run my small business of 15 years. I was so wore out and just could not keep up with it. I had multiple bladder problems getting up at night 6 times to go to the bathroom and, constant back pain with no relief. I finally sought the help of Dr. Sandi. I made my appointment with Dr. Sandi and was found to have a severe overgrowth of yeast and fungus throughout my body, mainly focusing on my bladder and kidneys. Several days later after starting my regimen of KM solution, I felt like a fog had been lifted. I could think clearly again, I felt alive and awake and I was starting to sleep longer than 2-hour intervals. By the end of my second 4-week checkup with Dr. Sandi, much to her surprise and mine as well, I had no yeast left and all my body signals were strong. I was sleeping, hiking, exercising, had dropped 10 pounds and I feel like a new person. I spent the last 10 years of my life thinking it was all due to just the "Change of Life". My KM Solution is like a Miracle Cure for me. It keeps me motivated and energized. Dr. Sandi, I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my quality of life!! Oh and my Corgi thanks you too, the KM solution is helping his arthritis in his hips while hiking. I am so grateful to you for your help and inspiration.
Linda Cozma - Aliquippa, PA

One month later I did another 9 day cleanse and WOW, I'm melting! On day two of the second cleanse, I already lost 2 lbs. It just amazes me that you think it would be a lot of water weight and you would gain it all back, but you don't. This is what fascinates me. I have not gained anything back from my first cleanse and I just continue to lose inches in between my cleanses. Pretty cool. I must add, additionally, I have experienced an "emotional" cleanse as well this time. My total weight loss has been 11 pounds and a total of 11.5 inches.
Linda Cozma - Aliquippa, PA

Well, I finally broke 130 with this cleanse and now am at 128!! Going on down to 125 and then maybe 120. Wow. When you met me I weight in at about 155. Going to try on a pair of those summer pants to see the difference! I bet that will be amazing. Everyone I run into says I look great.
Linda Cozma - Aliquippa, PA

I want to thank you for such an enjoyable experience I encountered with such positive results after my appointment last Thursday. My laser therapy stress treatment was a true blessing to be had. Who knew that such a wonderful treatment existed until now?

As I have explained to you, I was dealing with one life crises after another and huge emotional problems that had left me devastated. I was experiencing anxiety and stress to the point that my health was failing, my sleep was interrupted by nightmares caused by insecurity and hopelessness.

After having my laser stress treatment, I feel that I have been given a new coping ability, enabling me to have a new outlook on my situation. I also have been able to fall into a deep sleep each night without having the nightmares and without tossing and turning all night. My body has been able to catch up on the rest it has desperately needed and even my aches and pains are gone that were brought on by all my stress.

I feel I have been in a wonderful recovery room for the last week, healing from the inside-out, both emotionally and physically. I can't thank you enough for having such a wonderful and caring practice. May God bless you and your gift of healing.
Barbara Bently, PA

Dr. Kuglics, I am so thankful that Laura introduced me to you and your products. I'm excited about how I feel and have great expectations for the future. God Bless you and thank you.
Faye - Massillon, OH

Testimonial regarding adult widsom teeth extration:
"Removing wisdom teeth before the roots are fully formed is easier and less traumatic for the teenage patient. Also, at this stage of patient development the bone surrounding the wisom teeth is more pliable. Typically, patient's having wisdom teeth removed in their midteens heal more rapidly and have a shorter and less complicated post operative recovery," (from the Connecticut Maxillofacial Surgeon's website.)

Knowing that wisdom teeth extraction can be very painful to a grown adult, I was naturally uneasy about having my remaining three removed in one sitting. I came to Dr. Kuglics to see if she could help - and as usual, she did not fail me. She simply instructed me to add two supplements (via drops) into three ounces of water each day to balance the mouth area. I took the drops about a week before surgery, and continued for a week or so after the surgery and my results were astouding.

The doctor prescribed me some very strong pain pills to cope after surgery, and I never really needed them. I took two as a precaution while I was still numb from the procedure; however, once the numbness wore off, I realized I didn not even need the two that I took. I had almost zero pain, and very minimal swelling. During my follow up visits to the doctor, he was amazed at the speed of my recovery and was befuddled that I had no pain.

Thank you Lord for your instrument called Dr. Kuglics.

Testimonial regarding foot/bone spur surgery:
For the past ten years, I have been bothered by what I thought was a bunion. As the years progressed, my "bunion" grew larger and larger, and then finally began to cause pain and swelling to the point where I could only wear certain shoes in order to avoid pain. Eventually, I lost all range of motion in my big toe joint, so I decided to see a podiatrist.

My podiatrist determined that I had a bone spur that curled around like ram's horns, and needed surgery to repair and restore my full range of motion. I came to Dr. Kuglics to explain my situation and she recommended some products to keep me in balance before and after my foot surgery.

After my surgery, my podiatrist prescribed me some strong pain killers to take since he had to cut into the bone on my foot. The hospital game me one pain killer immediately after surgery, and directed me to take another four hours later. I too the other pain killer as directed as I was also anticipating pain. Pain that never came. The second day came and went without pain.

I followed my podiatrist's regime of icing and elevating my foot, while also continuing Dr. Kuglic's protocol of nutritional supplementation. After three days, the numbness in my foot disappeared. I thought the pain would take its place, however it did not. I was still pain free. At my post-op visit (3 days after surgery) the doctor attributed my lack of pain and swelling to the steroid shot he had given me during the surgery. Hel told me at the next visit (one week later) my foot would be visibly black and swollen. A week later, he was dumbfounded as he witnessed very minimal bruising and no swelling. He was in total disbelief that my foot looked so well, and asked "What did you do? Extra ice? Anti inflammatory meds?"

Another week later at the doctor's office and he again was amazed at my rigorous recovery (keep in mind I am 44!). He could not believe the range of motion I was already getting in my big toe joint. The day of surgery he assured me I wuld only get about half of my range back, but I have almost all of it back. I actually got it back so soon that my bones did not have a chance to form new fibrous cartilage and I was told to "back off" the exercises for a few days since my bones were touching each other when I bent my big toe back each day. My doctor could not believe how far ahead of the game I was, so I eventually revealed to him that I had prepared myself nutritionally before and after surgery. He had no further questions.

Thank you Lord for your instrument called Dr. Kuglics.

Less than 3 months into my treatment with Dr. Kuglics, I went to my regular 6 month appointment with my endocrinologist.  I have had hypothyroid problems for a long time.  Over the past two to three years, he has been watching the nodules on my thyroid closely and was considering surgery because of the size of one.  However, at my appointment he was excited to inform me that my nodules had shrunk considerably, with the largest now at half its previous size!  I had never had them REDUCE in size before!  He was pleased as punch and needless to say, I was elated!  I truly believe that all of this is due to Dr. Kuglics treatment of my thyroid, especially because it is the only thing that has changed in my usual regime.  I am so grateful to Dr. Kuglics!  And now I am looking forward to even more improvement under her care! 

For almost six months I suffered from hives, something I had never experienced before.  Sometimes it was mild...I could cover it up with a long sleeve shirt and long pants and just resist the constant itching as best as I could.  Sometimes it was bad...the hives would show up in places that I couldn't cover or be on the bottom of my feet so that it was hard to walk.  A couple of times it was so extreme that I ended up at the ER because they were in my throat, threatening to block my airway. 

My face would become so swelled and distorted with the hives that I was unrecognizable.  It was very hard to carry on my everyday life because I never new what I would find when I would wake up.  I went to an MD who sent me to an allergist.  But they were both unable to help.  In desparation I tried Dr. Kuglics, even though I was a little leary of "alternative medicine."  Miracle of miracles, within one week I was feeling better than I had in years!  Not only were my hives gone, but my joint aches, which I had had for 3 years, were almost non-existent!  I am SO thankful to Dr. Kuglics!  Her methods may seem a little unusual, but you can't argue with success!  The proof is in the results and the results are astounding!  Thank you, Dr. Kuglics!  You are such a blessing in my life!
Penny - Rochester, PA

May God see all the good that is in your heart and continue to bless you and Gene. One by
one, little by little, you are making a better world for so many. Just like raindrops turning into bucketfuls.
Judy – Palm Coast, Florida

I am a diabetic and recently I experienced some trauma and ill health when my insulin pump failed. My blood sugar level went sky high and I was hospitalized for 5 days. Even though I was feeling my strength come back, the Dr. could not get my sugar regulated again. It was only when I began to use your Homeopathic remedies that my blood sugars returned to normal. Thank you for your kind help and sincerity in your work.
Mary Lu – Toronto, Ohio

I have been a client of Sandra. Kuglics since January 9, 2001. When I heard of her; I thought I would check out my health status. After having blood work done which my PCP ordered, he said my thyroid was not too good. This Dr. ordered many tests and scans. They said I would have to have nodules removed and start taking synthroid pills. Sandra helped me with her nutritional support and exams. When my PCP ordered another blood test, he could hardly believe how my thyroid was doing. He wanted to know what Sandra had given me, and could not believe that the homeopathic remedies were helping to keep my thyroid under control.
I am grateful that I have gotten to know of her, and I am on a maintenance program with Sandra and I am leading a healthier and more natural way of living.
Nancy – Center, Pennsylvania

A client of mine referred me to Dr. Sandi. I had been unwell for more than three months and had done three rounds of antibiotics, which were prescribed by a medical doctor. Nothing seemed to make me well. I was tired, depressed and suffering from Candida. I had high blood pressure, itchy eyes and a chronic runny nose. I have spoken to Dr. Sandi on the telephone five times from May 26 – September 3. In that time I have regained my energy and strength. She has suggested products, which I have faithfully taken. My blood pressure is down, my Candida is gone, my runny nose is cured and I FEEL GREAT. I feel like she has given me my life back. All of the products she has recommended have been easy to take and reasonably priced.
I am happy to be with Dr. Sandi and know she will continue to help me whenever I need it.
Judy – Randolph, New Jersey

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me! I feel wonderful for the first time in a very long time. I would like to encourage anyone as skeptical as I was about your alternative methods to take a leap of faith and try something new and life changing.
I have tried several times to write a brief statement to let you, and everyone knows what you've done for me, but I can't! I end up writing pages upon pages. Briefly I will say that before I visited you Dr. Sandi, I generally felt tired, heavy, bloated and suffered severe PMS. In just a few days after starting the program to detoxify and rid my body of yeast; I no longer felt bloated and I had tons of energy. In fact, my body wouldn't let me sleep more than 6 hours a day in those first 2 weeks! The true blessing in disguise has been the elimination of PMS. I am still amazed that after suffering with all that pain for months that following your plan for a few weeks eliminated every symptom. You have helped me when other doctors and gynecologist couldn't.
Dr. Sandi you have made a believer out of me and I am very thankful!
Michele – Hopewell, Pennsylvania

Thank you for getting me to the point where I could believe in myself, rather than depending on someone else to tell me what to do.
Thank you for the awesome healing you brought into my life.
Thank you for believing in me when I doubted myself.
Thank you for your friendship.
I wish you God's abundant Blessings in everyway possible.
Carol – Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

There was a constant severe burning pain in my right jaw for three days. I wasn't eating or sleeping. Three Advil (600 mg.) did not touch the pain. A dentist found nothing wrong and a physician found no sinus, throat or ear infection. He was puzzled and sent me out the door with Darvocet to control the pain and referred me to a specialist. Instead I had a consultation with Dr. Sandi and followed her suggestion of taking a few squirts of Biomune Express. Five minutes later to my complete amazement I was pain free!
I am absolutely thrilled at the complete turnaround with my health and there were no side effects. Thank you, Sandi for offering your talents and products in this area. We are truly blessed to have you changing so many of our lives for the better!
Carol – Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the email. All is going well with the healing program you have sent me. I am faithful with the instructions and as I told you, I have been improving more each day.

I won't write much today, but let me jut give you an indication of the difference in my life because of your help. I will be 32 years of age next month. There is not a time in all those years that I remember not living without a sense of constant fear and anxiety in my head. It had gotten so bad and caused me so much pain; I tried to take my life this past year. My phone call to you came only days after I was hospitalized again for hurting myself during a panic attack. These past 10 days as I started to take the medicines, I have had minutes, but now I have a few hours here and there in which I find myself in the present moment without thoughts of fear constantly filtering through me. In an analogy, it must be what it is like for someone who has been blind all of their life to finally receive vision. I walk around crying tears of joy because I can enjoy life as it is happening.

I can now be in the moment I am in. It is a gift that has no way of being truly described in words. My body is very confused after living in a stressful state for so many years. It's taking a lot of meditation for me to relax my body, but it is much easier than it used to be. There is just so much I will write it all when it comes to me. Thank you very much. Love Andrea
Andrea – New York

As a child I suffered with chronic skin conditions that were painful and required daily care along with a weak respiratory system that left me vulnerable to many illnesses. Years of bed wetting, left growing up to be a problem that also caused emotional stresses for me to bear.
My doctor offered medical help and a variety of methods to help head off these issues that were controlling my life. None of these were successful after years of trying everything.

Searching for help led mom and me to holistic methods of healing for my physical and emotional health. Under the care of Sandra Kuglics, ND, relief and healing finally came upon my body and inner being.

I'm free of all previous health related issues and I've responded wonderfully; through Dr. Sandi's approach for a healthy life. I'm now 17 years old and grateful.
Thank you!

In two weeks time I have experienced these changes:
My digestion has improved drastically; increase in energy; no longer experience sickness after meals; noticing weight loss just by using the detoxification protocol.
Wayne – New Brighton, Pennsylvania

I am 80 years old and when I first went to Sandra Kuglics in September I was taking 5 different medications due to problems that had gotten worse over the last 5 years: Dicyclomine for bowels, Carafate for stomach, Mobic for arthritis, Norvasc and Metoprolol for high blood pressure. Even with all the medications, I would still have stomach/bowel cramping and diarrhea or constipation. Unexpectedly I would vomit at the beginning of a meal. I had to watch what I ate. And could not eat chocolate, rye bread, oatmeal, cabbage, tomato products, (I even had to make homemade vegetable soup without tomatoes). I had severe leg cramps at night that would wake me and I could not go back to sleep. I lost my sense of taste. I would also get severe headaches. And I would have body aches to where I couldn't go to sleep at night and would have to take medication.

I am very happy to report that by Thanksgiving I was off of all medications that I mentioned above. In following Sandra's protocol for detoxifying my body, my bowels are now regular without cramping. My stomach is happy and I can eat anything I want. I ate oatmeal for the first time in two years! I no longer have to concern myself with whether I will vomit at the beginning of a meal. And my sense of taste has returned 100%!!! I no longer have leg cramps. My blood pressure has normalized (last check was 130/80).

Comments from Mae:
My body is so much more comfortable than it was before, especially being able to eat what I
want. Sandra is easy to work with and very reachable. In working with this health supportive products, I have gotten better results than working with all of my prescription medications!

Comments from Mae's daughter-in-law:
By working with Sandra, Mae was able to detoxify her body, Mae now takes only health supportive products, and is feeling better than she has in years! I am thrilled that at a time when most 80 year-olds continue to spiral into poorer health and the use of more powerful medications, that Mae has absolutely turned her health around. Thanks to Sandra, she will now be able to more fully enjoy her golden years!
Mae – Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

In past several weeks I have seen my urination finally return to a normal flow. Also have seen remarkable energy and alertness all day long, to the point where my mind wants to just keep going at night, and sleep is difficult. The inflammation or swelling of vaginal tissue has disappeared all together. My lung function has improved, but I still need inhalers occasionally.
Susan – Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

My daughter was always a sick child. Ear infections, sinus infections, tonsillitis, HSP, viral infections, bacterial infections, urinary tract infections, abdominal pain, back pain, severe PMS, extreme fatigue, constipation, headaches, mouth ulcers, memory loss, fainting, dizziness and insomnia. The list goes on. She is only 17. Most recently, she has had her appendix removed (appendix was fine, doctors just searching for why she has such abdominal pain). During the next surgery, she did have two cysts removed and diagnosed with a cyst problem. She was also diagnosed with reoccurring urinary tract infections. She was taking birth control, a long-term antibiotic, and a variety of pain pills. Still, she was always sick, and visiting her PCP or some sort of specialist.

Finally our PCP referred her to a rheumatologist even though her blood work was in the normal range (PCP) was looking for signs of Crone's disease or lupus. Our PCP thought we were hypochondriacs and made us feel like we were crazy!) The rheumatologist diagnosed her with fibromyalgia. I was elated!!! Finally, a doctor could help her. Well, he sent her home with some literature, an order for blood work to be taken in a couple of months and told her to take extra calcium, a good vitamin, and heat/Tylenol PM for pain. Nothing changed except for the fact that I had a name for what she had.

I finally took my daughter to see Sandra --- something I should have done a long time ago. She is now getting well the natural way – ridding her body of yeast, parasites and toxins that are making her ill. We have noticed a considerable improvement in a very short time. It was not easy! The diet for her was grueling for the first two weeks, and even now she sometimes misses the teenage foods of choice, but wants to be well and overcomes her urges.

She is off ALL of her medications and takes only natural supplements recommended by Sandra. My daughter is a performer. She has appeared in several professional productions and has a desire to make it on Broadway!! Now that her pain has been reduced and she is becoming healthy, I know her dreams will come true.
Christina – New Brighton, Pennsylvania

We do not proclaim to be Veterinarians, however, our clients do share our homepathic remedies with their pets.

We LOVE Dr. Sandi! She is kind and understanding and makes us feel so much better!
I just didn't have any energy. I would lay on my bed all day. My Mom had to carry me outside to do my business, but now I can walk outside by myself and I'm not so grouchy any more!
Max--12-year-old Welsh Terrier

I was itchy, listless, and gaining weight. Dr. Sandi gave me some remedies and now I am as playful as a puppy. Despite being able to eat more food, I've lost weight!! You should see me now, my Mom calls me her circus dog!
ICE --10-year-old Wire-Haired Fox Terrier

My eyes hurt all the time because they were dry. I live with several "younger" dogs and it was tough carrying on the responsibilities of "Queen Mother" when I didn't feel well. My eyes are not so dry now and I don't have to use that yucky medicine that would make my eyes sting. It is a challenge dealing with issues that arise as I get older, but Dr. Sandi helps to make it better.
Abby Rose --14-year-old Welsh Terrier

          Her love and passion for healing continues...
Sandra has treated many dogs and cats with great success and says "They're just like people".

Buddah, a Yorkshire Terrier, was only 8 weeks old when she ran away from home and never returned until 9 days later. Buddah was very ill, weak and haggard and his owners were an emotional wreck. Buddah's vet diagnosed him with permanent kidney damage and said he would live a short life. After using the suggested Homeopathic remedies for four weeks, Buddah returned to the vet for another check up and much to their surprise – the kidneys showed no sign of malfunction, numbers were back to normal

An adorable mix breed became very ill, vomiting, delirious, etc. Her owner thought she had
eaten the "unedible"outside, such as rat poison. Bunchees's vet said she would not live through the weekend and just take her home and make her comfortable, That was 5 + years ago!! Today Bunchee is happy, healthy and alive and still comes in to visit.

Leslie is a beautiful 44 year old lady who had been a breast cancer patient with reconstructive surgery.  One year later, her Doctor told her that the cancer had returned.  Remembering the trauma of it all, Leslie did not want any part of that.  She felt cheated and lied to.  She came to see me the following day to schedule an appointment.  She was frightened and suicidal.  There was a remarkable change in her after our initial consultation just knowing there was an alternative.  I spent quite some time talking to her.  Two weeks into the program, Leslie had a very positive attitude and 4 months into her program, what had been recognized as cancer was no longer there.  Leslie experienced healing with very little pain and was strong emotionally.  Because she is so strong willed, she progressed at a rather fast pace, she exerted more energy and felt less fatigue and soon was taking on more responsibility and handling them well.  Leslie now has plans to be living her dream in the near future.

Carol was diagnosed by her medical Doctor with Multiple Sclerosis.  Her symptoms were spinal pain, impaired hearing and vision to where she could not see to drive.  In addition to pain, Carol had ordered hearing aids.  She chose not to suppress her  immune system further by using the strong medication to be administered by injection and came to see me.  Within a  period of six weeks, she was symptom free and cancelled the hearing aids.  In addition to this life changing experience, Carol went one step further and completed a four week Tobacco Detox Program and has been "smoke free" for six months now.

"The skill, knowledge and compassion of Dr. Kuglics surpassed my expectations drastically.  I never thought I would experience freedom from the emotional pains of my dissolving marriage and the difficult transition that followed.  going through the grieving process using homeopathy, counseling and other natural alternatives, healing took place emotionally as well as physically and spiritually."
M. Domenica

"Sandi is very gifted at recognizing the needs of the body to improve health and well being.  Her ability to understand what the body needs to be well through all her modalities is only one part of her expertise.  Her deep caring for her client's well being and health is her true gift.  She is a blessing to work with."