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Basis for my practice:
"First Do No Harm" The foundation of The Hippocratic Oath and
The Basis Of Naturopathic Medicine.

I first began to study and understand the principles of laws of healing in 1991 when I was faced with serious health challenges. During this journey, I was introduced to and began studying herbs, nutrition and the various methods that nature has provided for humans to access, heal and maintain health. I became intrigued by the healing process that was taking place in my body within a three-month period. I was experiencing wellness, energy and various positive changes. Health is dependent upon the daily practice of adhering to the laws of health and healing, and illness and disease is the result of violating these natural laws.

Sandra Kuglics, N.D.

Caring for you since 1995

As a Naturopath, I am trained in the areas of anatomy and physiology, counseling diet and nutrition, weight management, homeopathy, reflex analysis. I have a deepened appreciation for how social, physiological, emotional and spiritual factors affect the person as a whole. My personal style of caring assists my approach to analysis and healing. I recognize the body's ability to heal itself and encourage a healthy lifestyle. By offering the appropriate advice, I act as a coach to guide clients to change unhealthy patterns and accept responsibility for their own well being. I am dedicated to "Your" health newborns to seniors. With our ever so changing world of chemical and biological warfare, it is important to maintain a healthy immune system. I remain in the know of how to treat immune system disorders, hormone imbalances, allergies, asthma, colic, crohn's, acid reflux, thyroiditis, obesity, viral and bacterial challenges.

I am a Registered Naturopath and a member of CNHP Certified Natural Health Professionals and AANC American Association of Nutritional Consultants. I have a clinical certification in Integrative Reflex Analysis through Advanced Integrative Medical Institute in Washington, D.C. As a certified laser technician, I was trained and licensed by Matrix Institute of Laser Therapy in Windsor, Ontario for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, and alcohol and substance abuse.

Health Analysis by appointment only. 724-774-8515
336 College Ave. Suite 101 Beaver, PA 15009